Konrad literally fell into the motion-picture industry in 1978, as a stuntman by performing a stair-fall for Rose Gregorio in “Eye’s of Laura Mars” starring Faye Dunaway. When Konrad met Walter Hill for the part as a gang member in the “Punks" for "The Warriors," Walter asked him if he could skate. Of course, he said “YES!!!;” even though he couldn’t. Nevertheless, Konrad acquired a pair of skates, and spent the whole summer of ‘78 in Central Park at the band shell near 72nd street practicing. During that time, skating on the streets was not popular. One night while doing a non-stop 25 mile skate from Mt. Vernon, N.Y. to White Plains, N.Y. and back, a cop car pulled along side of him and asked him to pull over, and he said: “I can’t.” At that time, he had the mind-set that once he began skating, he didn’t want to stop. The cop asked him three times to pull over. After the third time, Konrad told him “I can’t; because, I’m skating for a record.” The cop drove away and let him go. However, if the cop asked him what the record was, Konrad would have told him that… “I’m skating to my friends house for a Led Zeppelin album.” This is a true story.

About a week later, after his scenes in “The Warriors” wrapped, Konrad remembers working in Coney Island (about a mile away from “The Warriors” set) doing stunts for Lee Strasberg in “Boardwalk.” He was asked by Marcelino Sanchez (Rembrandt) to stop by the set; but, he chose not to; because, he didn’t want Walter to see him dressed as an 80 year old man. In retrospect, Konrad wished he had stopped by the set. These are just a couple of memories from the set.

Konrad has gone on to work on other films (to name a few) such as:

“The Wanderer’s” (Ducky Boys). Konrad is featured in James Hannon's book entitled:

“Lost Boys of the Bronx” the Oral History of the Ducky Boys gang.

“Raging Bull” (stunts for Joe Pesci) Konrad worked on the scene with Robert DeNiro when Jake La Motta found out that Joey was having an affair with Vickie and went to his house to kick his a**.

“Brubaker” (Glenn Elwood) with Robert Redford

“Secret to My Succe$s” (stunts for Michael J. Fox)

“The World According to Garp” (stunts)

“Fort Apache, The Bronx (stunts)

Outside of motion pictures, Konrad is an aspirant in the “Order of Inter-being” which was created by Thich Nhat Hanh 50 years ago during the Vietnam War. He also shares meditation with the maximum security inmates at R.J. Donovan State Correctional Facility in California. Recently, Konrad published a new book entitled: “The Tao of Mindful Being…”
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